Friday, 14 August 2009

The Happy Princess

No one is sure about the age but certainly there lived a girl whom all they called the Happy Princess. She was no princes at all but was a simple girl but her beauty made all the Princesses jealous. She was the favorite of all. She played with the flowers, butterflies, birds, dews, sunshine, and clouds as if she was one of them. Bloom would the flower whom she touched all day she enjoyed and everyone enjoyed her songs and dances as she was the lead singer of the natures band and troop leader of the dance group. Every garden longed for her presence as without her touch their beauty would remain veiled. She used to turn every garden into Eden.

One day playing with her companions she went into a garden unknowingly that it was the royal garden. Best gardeners took care of the garden but as she was unaware of this garden, the garden lacked as if the Midas touch. She went on playing with her friends into that garden and the flowers started smiling and trees started swaying their brunches and new leaves started reflecting the sunshine and everyone were as if injected with the driving force to live and the glow of life radiated from everyone’s appearance. That garden too started resembling Eden.
The prince was stunned next day when e visited the garden. He asked a flower about the dramatic change and was told about the Happy Princess. The prince immediately started search and after a while he tracked down the Princess where she was singing and dancing in natures tune. When they met and their four eyes met they understood what they understood. The flowers, the clouds, the birds, the dews, the sunshine everyone understood perfectly that their Princess has earned the love of someone very special. They started their celebration.
But the prince had other noble duties to perform. Soon they had to depart but with a promise to meet as soon as possible. For the first time the Happy Princess felt a strange feeling which caused her pain. For it was sorrow and Happy Princess never felt that before. As the days off separation started to become longer, little by little the Happy Princess regained her former self. She started the sweet notes and dancing again. Her friends who were heartbroken with her change started the fun again, again her troop stated playing and visiting the gardens once again. Everyone threw their grim mood away and started smiling again.
One day similarly, she visited a garden where she never stepped in previously. She never had a more dreadful garden. There were no flowers, no birds, no sunshine, only weed, thorn bushes covered the whole area. But as soon as she started her performance, every hidden beauty responded. The honey bellied flowers started giving their glimpses beneath and the bushes gave away to flower beds. To summarize the old thing happened again. That garden too started to look like Eden.
But the garden belonged to a giant. The giant was so ugly and bad that he was loved by nobody and he in turn too loved nobody. He used to frighten all the passerby and enjoyed that. No flower, no birds, no sunshine for that reason enriched his garden.
He was unaware of the Happy Princess playing in his garden. But when he heard he went to frighten the intruder away. He knew he was so horrible that he had to only stand in front of the intruder and he or she will leave immediately. When he went into the garden the Happy Princess was performing and went on without noticing him. He never experienced such songs or dances before. He was captivated by the beauty. He remained motionless and forgot to drive the Princess away.
After a while the Princess noticed the giant. But like others she did not fade away but came near and smiled and wished him a good morning pleasantly. The giant was mummified as e was ready for this kind of treatment. But he regained his self and tried to frighten her away but somehow all he managed was a smile. He realized that he was losing control of himself. And the Happy Princess took his arm and drew him from his dark corner into the sunshine and he was stupefied by the beauty of the Princess had injected into his garden. He was feeling strangely.
A few days later the Princess retuned and the giant realized how eager he was to have the Princess back in his vicinity. They played from morning to evening and Princess went away with a promise to come back again.
It was a new phase of life at beginning for the giant. The Happy Princess became a frequent visitor of that garden.
One day the Eden complained to God that there was a garden actually more beautiful than it was.
But this has to stop as the prince came back to his greatest possession. That day when the Princess came they played but when the giant as usual asked for the promise to come back the story was different. For the first time the giant saw hesitation on the face of Princess and for the first time she shifted her gaze and in a very low tone said that she would not be able to come from the next day. The giant needed a few moments to take that in. but then he realized that drops of tears flowing down his cheeks. He wondered how he learnt crying as previously it was he who made others cry and enjoyed their tears. Has that Princess taught him to cry?
The Princess taught him to smile too.
The Princess wiped the tears and said, “I will remember u always.”
And then she went.
She never came back again.
With her went the colors. Te garden was gray once again. It was covered with thorns and weeds once again.
The Princess lived with the prince happily ever after.
The giant waited for the Princess as long as he lived. All he needed was a glimpse. But he never obtained.
The Happy Princess won admirers wherever she went. She soon forgot all about the ugly giant.
But the ugly giant lived with the aid of the memories of the wonderful time they spent together. And one day lost in her dreams he died.
The giant was obviously taken to hell for his lifelong sins. He was thrown into the fire which burns everything.
But after a while the angels noted that his heart and cheeks were untouched by the fire. When they reported it to God, he smiled and told them that the heart was not burning because it contained love for His most beloved creature and the cheeks were not burning because it was touched by her.
And God did the giant another favor too. He released the giant from hell and turned him into a star so that during the day when the Happy Princess was playing happily, he remained invisible and in the night when the Princess was sleeping, he may watch the Princess without any obstruction.
You may not be able to notice that star but believe me that star do exist as this is a true story. If you don’t believe me ask the Princess herself. You may find her in the kingdom of eternal spring.


satyarafi said...

jab se milne lagi tumse rahe meri
chand sooraj bani do nigahein meri
tum kahi bhi raho tum nazar aaoge.

I dont know from where u have taken it , i dont know if any such princess existed or not, BUT this story touched me alot

Beenish said...

shayad ye story sabse pahle maine padhi thi...delhi zoo men. loved it. bahot achha likhte ho, keep on writing