Monday, 19 October 2009

its me or the universe lolz

I'm in the air surrounding you
the very air in which you breathe
I'm in ur pleasure,smile, happiness
Its me who makes you feel better
I'm in the drop of water
which quenches your thirst
I'm in the tune
which u hum unknowingly
I'm in the song
which u die to hear
I'm who places a hand on ur your hot forehead
when you are ill
It's my shoulder which you love
to rest your head, crying or sleeping.
It's my dream
which makes u smile in your sleep.
I'm the thought
which creeps into your mind in solitude
I'm the secret
which you keep to yourself
I've the hand
which you search when you are afraid
I've the words
which you want to hear forever
It's me about whom
you are excited,concerned,worried,expectant
I'm your love, hope and faith
It's me who,finally to say
constitutes are incomplete without me
Still if you dont recognise me
It's your fault beloved, not mine.


The greatest tragedy of mankind is that they always learn from their mistakes, never from their right deeds.

To have a very good guessing ability is bad. It leaves one total stranger to the joys of surprises.

Those who can make two and two five expertly find it extremely difficult to make two and two four.

Request is deadlier than order. You can very easily disobey an order but it is very difficuly to turn a request down.

A hero is he who knows when to be sentimental and when to be sensible.

To see the best looking person in this world face to face just stand before a good mirror.

The tragedy of a democratic country is your vote worths as much as a scoundrel's

Those who are decent enough not to ask you personal questions are indecent enough to speculate the answers themselve.

Love Bug

O beloved , cant you feel
in front of you, i do kneel
I do kneel in front of love
I cant anymore live in halves
Oh beloved, why cant you see
made for each other, you and me
I am here for you to mould
dont leave my hands, beloved hold
Oh beloved, why dont you know
I cant stay away from you, though
I eat, I sleep, I do breathe
oh beloved for you indeed.

what a poem..hahahaa.....what love can do, this poem examplifies.

Worthless Conversation

Idiot : If God helps them who helps themselves then what about those who helps others?
Stupid : They dont need anybody's help because they are God themselve. Only God help others.
Idiot : Rubbish! We can not help others. We can only help ourselves.
Stupid : That is because when we receive help from anybody we try to find God's hand behind it.