Saturday, 2 January 2010

1 more idiot on "3 idiots"

3 idiots,another masterpiece from AK aka Mr perfectionist. He never seizes to amaze me. another mockery of cream de la cream indian professional institutions. I felt the urge to write this blog 'cause he reminded me of my MBA days. I got to a nominally good college and witnessed the farce firsthand. Assignments,uniforms, deadlines, but not freethinking,creativity n encouragement to think from a new angle. I was watching where AK defines Machine, n remembered how i defined marketing. Of course AK didn,t copy my incident but it happened that my marketing teacher asked me the definition of marketing and i answered "meeting others needs yet profitably" and expected he would nod in appreciation. Instead he said "i don't want definitions manufactured by u, give me the American Marketing Association(or something like that) approved definition." I could not recite that verbatim and i was shown the gate.I still remember how my days went,outside the classroom mostly, googling for knowledge and amazing at the paucity of my knowledge about this big vast world.
Attending disciplinary committees regularly,giving my father's no. to principal, were other major activities.

Will anything change? if AK makes this movie, or at a much smaller level i write this blog? Probably NO. But silence is not golden always. I suffered it, my next gen should not. Let him have all the time to dream looking at the vast clear blue sky. Let him go to forest than to memorize botany books. I am willing to take on this world to give him this chance, This blog carries my promise to him.

Once Aristotle(or was it Plato) was teaching maths, one student asked but how i earn with this knowledge? Aristotle took him away, paid him some money and asked him never to return. I wish we had a teacher like that.


incomplete ..... said...

certainly there is a need i dontknow exactly what but something should change in the way we are provided education and nt knowledge
i am feeling the same as u

sunil said...

As a teacher I have been talking about these issues for almost ten years now.... and my blog is almost dedicated to raise voice about the same awareness in small possible way.

If I go to the root of the problem it lies in parent's mindset .we are too protractive not because we love our children too much ....because we want to make good investments in them. We don't want them to fail anytime so we deprive them of the experience of how to cope up with failure.Take a look at this video that I have uploadede on You tube
to understand the point

when films like these are made they appeal to masses and create a huge awareness TZP was a big achievement ..hats off to vinod chopra , Rajkumar hirani and of course the whole team of actors spl Aamir who is amazingly good.....

I wish and pray that people read for knowledge rather than jobs and degrees.....This world does not need more successful people it needs more sensitive people....