Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Eternal Dilemma

It is often the eternal question, to be or not to be. The future holds the key and as we are as unsure of the future as any famous astrologer, we just don't know which way to take. The worst thing is to reach old age, know very well life is spent for once and all and regret making wrong choices. So powerful is this cycle that we never really get out of it.
 Whether to become a sportsman or an engineer? My heart wants to be a sportsperson, my father,with all his goodwill and desire, wants me to be an engineer. I can take one way really. What should I do? At the age of 65, should I regret being an engineer or being a sportsperson? this overwhelming question bogs us down. The indecisiveness takes over.
 There was a time when I used to think that there should be some unfulfilled desires, those only if make life so much more interesting. But now when I am standing on the verge of a decision which generally people takes only once in a lifetime, I am with this dilemma whether to push a bit more with positive hopes or to break free. Which will not make me regretful? I don't want to regret that I didn't try any more nor I want to regret that I tried all life in vain.
This indecisiveness has gripped me so strongly that I have stopped living a normal life, both sides are pulling me with equal strong forces. God, show me a way, I want to die as a happy man.

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