Thursday, 30 January 2014

For Whom It Matters The Least

This is not exactly something new but since I burnt every scribbling when I realised they are useless, this might look new.
I am too lazy to type in Bengali (Bangla, to be exact)

Jodio tomar nojore ami nogonno
Tobuo amar hridoy jure sudhu tumi e tumi
Tomar du chokhe royechhe ontobihin pother disha
Ogochore tomar ami je pothe cholar ongikar kori
Gobhir rate jokhon duniyay sob sopno dekhe
Jege jege ami tomar e to protikkha kori
Tumi to jano na,jokhon tumi kotha bolo
Ami suni, ami bujhi na, sudhu dekhte thaki
Sopno kokhon eto bastob hote pare
Dekhi na sopno ami kono sopnosundarir
Sopno amar roop niyeche tomar
Tomar shihorito shorirer kothao
Amar okhondo shanti somahito achhe
Tar e khoje ami tomar shorir porjoton kori
Eso kache, dekho amar sorbosso diye tomai
Kemon ami valobasai nisso hote pari

(Thank you VinayNS for encouraging to translate and yet not praising me.)

Although I am insignificant for you
Still in my heart, its you and you
In your eyes is the direction for my endless journey
Unknown to you, i promise to walk on it forever
When at midnight, the world is lost in dreams
Awake, I wait for only your arrival
You know not but when you speak
I listen, I understand not, just keep on watching
Can dream ever be so vivid
I desire not of any dream-girl
My dream has taken your shape
Somewhere in your awaken body
My eternal peace is hidden deep
In search of that, i explore your body
Come close, watch how giving you my everything
I can become nothing in love.

(This is certainly my most precious post, costed me Rs 1100 to post this. Sighh!!)

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