Monday, 7 April 2014

The Coconut Tree And Gratefulness

There was no coconut tree in the world at first. So a farmer prayed to God and God granted coconut to grow on earth. The farmer, when he woke up next morning, saw the coconut in the yard. He never saw anything like that ever before. He couldn’t understand what it is. He tried to bite it but it was very hard. He tried to cut it but it was very hard for that too. So, he thought it is worthless and he decided to throw it away, because is wife wanted him to go to work. While going to the field, he threw it to the roadside where it is stony and dry and nothing else thorny shrubberies.

The coconut stayed there, among the stones and the garbage. No water was there. God told it to grow into a tree but there was no water. He was thirsty. He wanted to grow his roots and go high up so his head can be as near the heaven as possible. There he is to grow coconuts and serve the human with a new taste.

But how can he? He was so thirsty. The area was so dry and the rainy season is still few months away. O God, why did you send me to this cruel world, he cried aloud. But none could hear him because that was a lonely strip of road where seldom someone passed. The first day, he tried to drink from the water he holds inside. On the third day, his stock was nearly empty. He is to grow root, because God has asked him to. But how can he, for he himself was so thirsty. Why did you send me to here if you wanted me to suffer like this? I was so happy in heaven, near you, he wanted to say but then he realised what God taught him, “never be ungrateful to me for I am the reason you are here and alive”. He broke down and started crying, help me God help me, I need water.

God never leaves anyone. All you need is to pray to him and he will help you always. He can do impossible so even if you need a miracle, just pray for it with all your heart and believe that he will give you. When the coconut broke down crying, God decided it is time to send help to it.

There was a tramp nearby who wanted to go to a far land but he has lost his ways. Walking, tired and hungry, he was passing the area just where the coconut was lying. He sat there to rest because he couldn’t walk any more. He took out his water bottle, he carried it because he knew there is no water around. He sat on a big rock near the coconut was lying. When he was drinking, his eyes fell on the coconut. He never saw anything like this. It has a smooth yet hard surface almost slippery and silky and is so heavy, even though he realised it is some kind of fruit. The tramp thought it must be a fruit of a tree of this region and as he was from far, he must have missed it. But, wait, it is drying. The tramp was confused. What should he now? God decided to have a miracle that exact moment and like someone spoke in his ears, the tramp realised he should plant it.

So the tramp carried it a bit far where there was soft and fresh soil, instead of the stony surface. There he dug a hole, placed the coconut inside and pulled the soil back to cover it. Now, he opened the water bottle and he started pouring water. The area was surprisingly dry. He almost emptied half his bottle and the soil was still absorbing water thirstily. He poured more. His bottle is almost empty now. He also knew water isn’t available nearby. With only 3 mouthful water remaining in the bottle, he was confused. Should it keep it for himself or give it the poor fruit? “Oh I can walk and find water somewhere else, this poor thing can't move and needs it more than I do” he thought and emptied his bottle on it. Then resting for a while, he picked up his motley and slowly went away, carrying his empty bottle with him.

The coconut tree was drinking happily and thanking God for his endless mercy, singing a hymn with all his gayness and cheer. It was like a second leash of life for him. But suddenly he realised that the tramp has given him all his water and soon he will be thirsty. He was so ashamed for being so selfish. How could be he so heartless, the coconut was really embarrassed. “I shall return him his water when he comes back this way” he decided.

Years passed, the coconut tree grew up into a magnificent tree. His long and slender body is like a prince most well groomed. When he sways with the breeze, he resembles all the most magnificent ballerina ever. His head is above any other tree now. He can see far in every direction. And using his ability to see far lands, he searched for the tramp to return. He must pay back and apologise else how can he, the coconut tree, stand in front of God. He has stored the sweetest water for him and carries that on its head, packed inside fresh coconuts. But, the tramp never returned.

The coconut tree was growing old. His vision was becoming blurry. He was still waiting but he knew he didn’t have many days left to meet God again in heaven. One day when he realised he has to return to heaven the next day, he called all his sons who grew around him. “Listen my sons, when I came to this world, I was very thirsty and someone gave me all his water to save my life. Thanks to him I stayed alive and from me came you. Thus, you all are as indebted to him as I was. I have to return to God tomorrow but from now on, you and all your sons and their sons, will keep water on your head and serve anyone who is thirsty. May be that way we can pay that kind man back.”

Next day, everybody saw the magnificent body of the first coconut tree uprooted and lying on the ground dead.

But, his sons still carry out his last word. When you see a coconut tree, look up. You will see how they still carry water on their head and serve to every thirsty man because once one stranger did good to their first father.

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