Thursday, 3 January 2008

how to create a blog?

after orkutting and making fake profiles there its a new craze to make a blogspot. it was good foresight of google i must say. it atleast gives u a feeling of owning a website(even i read it in bloggers). anyway i strated trying with experts of various fields tipping me using another google project GTalk.

to fill the first page is easy. but problem came in second page. guides explained to me various fiields and their significance too well(i cant complaint against them, they had other commitments to other chatters) but what the hell shud i name it?
I can name it Faiz(its my blog and not me) neither Aseer(this is not my name at all) so i ordered my grey cells to come up with a name seeing which every surfer feels an uncontrollable urge of going thru it. It came up with names like bubbles of thoughts(bubbleofthoughts) or nanothoughts but seemingly some other blogger has used their cells much before i did today. I thot of my id which describes me as a cautious lawbreaker but thot of its implication and suddenly remembered abt the always tightening cyber laws and abstained myself from using that.

but i wasnt to give up. at this time of night(actually dawn) all the green dots in my gtalk was evaporating. so i thot with full concentration and came up with this ingenious name(never complain if u have heard this name before, u didnt register it with blogger and thats it). So i promptly maned it devil's doctrine and wow!!!!!!!!!!! i m writing this blog.

it such a great feeling to own a website. i always wondered about those fortunate ones who owned sites. and look at me, now i am one of them. I think i am going to lose lots of sleep for the next week or so. man o man , this is a great responsibility thrust upon me by God and I cant neglect it.

so, after this bries ceaserian experience(i am referring to vini ,vidi,vici) I m off for my bed todawn(i think tonight is inappropriate). May God help me in this noble mission of mine.

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