Thursday, 17 January 2008

Illusions are made on earth

I am having a bad day with my sore left hand and found it another suitable excuse to skip my college. And while sitting and idly dragging my 7th cigarette of the day I started wondering about what made love marriages fail. Or the failure even before that. And believe me this sudden action of thought led me to the heights of philosophers of past like Socrates. I felt like writing down it with distant and highly imaginative hope of someone invariably have a sore left hand like me and out of boredom will read this crap .

First let me tell you, I am no Shri Hanuman bhakt myself. During adolescence I also had a sweet pain on the left side of my chest when saw any beautiful creature of opposite sex. And I think I used to take as long as 15 minutes to decide whether I am in love or not and the answer almost invariably was yes. Then some imagination of proposing her and asking friends for advice and cooperation which they were only glad to supply. But once in a while I had to drop the idea of even thinking of her and had to satisfy my inner feelings by expressing them on paper which I would later call as poems, like when I decided I am in love with a girl who occupied the seat facing me on a local train for one hour and three minutes.

Coming back from my own delightful experiences, I would really like to say something on the topic which is indicated by the heading. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. And please take my word as individual and don’t start thinking how u reacted when she accepted u as her boyfriend. But certainly love is the most blinding feeling in the world too.

Suppose you met someone in chat or in ur school or college or office or any place u can think of(I personally don’t venture into much places so I cant name more). But how much you(if u r thinking that these u’s are indicating u then please remind urself that these u’s are actually I’s) really know about whom your heart skips a beat. Only That portion which s/he has made u see. Or when u gather information from your friends(I am sure of this step too, don’t forget my past) they confirm only what they have been allowed to see. And all of us including you the reader and I the blogger show to the world our best parts only, very carefully blocking out images that can hurt our stature. So the very beginning of relationship is based on half truth(Ardha satya, in Indian language) which is deadlier than lie. I think Bhagbad geeta has a couplet on this although I m not sure.

Now any relationship which is not based on truth is fragile. It might take some months to break or sometimes some years.

What happens when we start discovering or rather unearthing the secret character of our best wo/man?

There was a blind person who went to see an elephant. When he saw the elephant, rather touched it he unfortunately touched the tail. And he started thinking that the elephant is not that big at least. He was very afraid of big animals. Someday later with the blessing of God he got his vision and he almost died after seeing his beloved pet elephant. It is soooooooooo big.

When you play football(I guess you must have played until u follow my footstep and call it a barbarian game) and when occasionally u get the chance to kick it your foot comes in contact with a very small portion of the whole surface of the ball. And it can be either black or white (guessing u play with an old fashioned football with alternate black and white hexagons). If you love the color black and your foot comes to the black hexagon your foot, who is only seeing the black portion will like the ball tremendously. Same if u or ur foot rather loved white and came in touch with white. The problem arises when the foot starts thinking the whole football is of the colour which it met and liked and falls in love with the ball. Late in the due course of the game it comes in contact with the other color which is strikingly different and almost opposite of what it loves it becomes horrified. And more to come, a close observation tells ur foot that the football is made up of equal portion of black and white leathers and the love dies almost immediately.

Now all those who are reading this blog and having a perfect relationship with “him or her” must be cursing me or worse laughing their heart out with my silly points and Mr Know-All attitude (In Bengali we call this kinda creature Sabjanta).

I wont take much time of urs anymore as my left hand has already started complaining loudly and my poor English is already hard pressed. Please don’t leave ur views as I don’t know how to check them.

I once again hereby thank u for your patient you showed.

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