Monday, 19 October 2009


The greatest tragedy of mankind is that they always learn from their mistakes, never from their right deeds.

To have a very good guessing ability is bad. It leaves one total stranger to the joys of surprises.

Those who can make two and two five expertly find it extremely difficult to make two and two four.

Request is deadlier than order. You can very easily disobey an order but it is very difficuly to turn a request down.

A hero is he who knows when to be sentimental and when to be sensible.

To see the best looking person in this world face to face just stand before a good mirror.

The tragedy of a democratic country is your vote worths as much as a scoundrel's

Those who are decent enough not to ask you personal questions are indecent enough to speculate the answers themselve.


sunil said...

good one

lonesome.wonderer said...

thnx, just curious to know how people will react.

incomplete ..... said...

really bahutya bhadiya