Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Yeh Duniya Yeh Mahfil

Sitting alone I received this request to translate a masterpiece into English. Hesitatingly, I started, stumbled,groped and finally formed this. No reward to guess that the masterpiece is Yeh Duniya Yeh Mahfil, sung by Mohammad Rafi the great and penned by Kaifi Azmi. A sincere apology to Kaifi sahab for daring to touch his immortal work.

this world and its celebrations
doesn't worth a thing,doesn't worth a thing

who cares for this tale of love sordid
life is failing too,like in love i did
make me forget those days of my glory
the celebrations when the funeral proceed

neither a trace of myself nor a news of her
save my enemies too,from such utter despair
may they meet God who seek thyself
all i want is just a glimpse of her

the vast desert couldn't soak my tear
how to hide this pain and my fear
how can i praise this world
the heart still longs for my lover
i lost the winning stake once
now i search her forever

far from somewhere,a gaze breathes my name
how can i not go,for her i feel the same
kill my regained hope again
or heal my broken heart again
those hills shall pave my way
the thorns shall adorn the path again

this world and its celebrations
doesn't worth a thing,doesn't worth a thing


incomplete ..... said...

faiz bro if u keep the work going and translate some more gems definitely RS would b world wide
U maintaind even the rythm
I enjoyd it and so did shereen

Thanks my eldie bro

incomplete ..... said...

faiz bro bear with me
Translate sm more gems and you wil see Rafi Saab becoming World wide
i enjoyed the rythm and shereen the feeling!
Thanks my eldie bro