Friday, 16 July 2010

Dil Ne Pyar Kiya Hai

Translation of "Dil Ne Pyar Kiya Hai"

My heart, is in love with
an unfaithful
How I regret it!
u took my heart
u made it hurt
tore it apart

Those promises of last evening
where are where are where are those words
The oaths we took together forever
Why Did why did u break afterwards
dont shy away, dont smile 'n play, face me today

O gorgeous, I worshipped you once
Remember, that heavenly lovefilled night?
You seeked and touched my deepest secrets
Today is but a new tale and sight
Why is this, what is this, tell me please

My heart my love, u were my Mumtaz
I built a Taj in lover's eden
Who got jealous, who burnt it down
I adorned it and saved it till then
Gone is cheer, robbed off prayer,look I'm here

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