Thursday, 9 December 2010

A man, a human

Sometimes, rarely, once in a blue moon, we meet someone. A man, not by the physiology but by nature. They touch your soul and create an everlasting echo which rings fresh in your memories even after decades. Sometimes they pass us during the busy office hours on the street or sit next to you in the train and we still don't come to know. We are,on the contarary,expect so less from another human being that when someone behaves like a human, we try to rub our eyes, "iska sala irada kya hai?"

It was our first trip to the city of the nizams, Hyderabad. We had a fun-filled but rather hectic Rafi holiday(don't ask me what is this, an yearly meet of Rafi bhakts in short) for 2 days.We were left with only one day to see the Chaarminar. And we were returning from Charminar and a bit late. We were in the bus, it was 9:30 by my mobile and We didn't know how to recognize the stop where we were to get down. Little uncomfortable, I asked the the person sitting next to us, will you go as far as Lingampalli? He said no, I wud get down 3 stops before that. Where are you going? Lingampalli, I told him, and hesitantly added, see this is our first time here in Hyderabad and we are little diffident about how to get down at the correct stop.
He pondered for a moment and said, ok then I shall go with you till that stop and take a return bus. Will that be ok for you?
Taken aback by this (as I said earlier, we are not habituated to expect much from another human nowadays), I said, no sir, that will be just too much, We can go of our own. He said "no no plz sir, I insist. Its my duty to you coz you are new here."
After then He sat still, not blabbering about himself, not taking my awed expression as a chance to inject me with his past humanitarian deeds nor telling me how bad the world is (thus proving himself a better than the most person), nor advicing me how important it is to be like him. On the other hand, when I asked him about his background he talked about his job, family, his posting at Kolkata for few years.
When we got down He hold my hand and said, please go home sir, you are very late. He denied my earnest request to give him company till he can find the return bus ,saying, its nothing for me, I can go by myself. When I objected to his use of 'sir' as I am as old as his son may be, He replied, but you are also a human being. I must respect that.

I know none reads my blog but still i want to shout this loudly, yes coz of people like you Mr Srinivas Rao, this world is still worthy of living. You have touched me. One people like you can heal the wounds created by a thousand. You make this world lovely and 'cause people like you are still not the part of fables exclusively, every morning I open my eyes and can wish good morning.

I know you will never ever read this blog and I know you have already forgotten me 'cause for people like you this incident is never a big deal but I shall remember you. Faiz doesn't bow easily, he is very very finicky about it but to bow infront of you doesnt need any effort.
I salute you Mr Srinivas rao, with bowed head and heart.


hirok said...

We should not count our number of days in our life but number of times we do human acts in all these days. Its really important that instead of counting number of days we spend on earth we should count the number of times we live for others in all these days.

My regards.

lonesome.wanderer said...

thank you sir for your comment. So very truly said. Measurement of life should not be by days but by deeds. very very true indeed

incomplete ..... said...

till people like Mr Srinivas rao are there , the world is still a better place to live in.....
my salutes to the human

sunil said...

esa hota hai ki humko aadmiyon ki bheed mein koi insaan phir se insaniyat pe bharosa dila jata hai
shukr hai