Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Letter

Hi there
Writing this letter because I just want to write. I hope you are well, still smiling and making the world shine brighter. How are you? Just like the same like old days? In my imagination, you are. Guess what, I still see you in the dress you wore for the first meet,when you took my heart away with a mere casual glance.
I feel alone sometimes. Hahaha, yes, I can guess, what you would say. You have lots of admirers Aseer, why will you miss a dull girl who left you while you were begging her to stay with teary eyes. But you see, sometimes someone leaves and the place is never refilled.
I know you left me, you know you left me, the world knows you left me.It was perhaps our destiny. Who can fight it anyway? We fought,at least I did. I failed,thats another issue.
The last bottle of perfume spray you bought for me, I never used it after you left.Sometimes I open the cap and smell it. Reminds me of you. The unexpected gift, bought the shine in my eyes, which reflected from your eyes and I was basking in that glow. Hey, do you still remember or just giggling at a crazy man?
Yes, I didnt give up smoking, I know I am bad. You hated it and I gave up while you were with me, but since you left I resumed again. The blue smoke, when the cigarette burns idly, draws your face in the air and before I can quench the thirst of my eyes,it goes away. Damned smokes. Hey, but I promise, when I meet you again, I give up smoking. Or perhaps I will not be able to smoke.
I still make bed for two, and like my weird habit, I wake up and find myself on your pillow.hahaha, Old habits die hard. Ohh my, didn't you hate me for the sleep!
I have changed job, by the way. Did I inform you in the last letter? I am not working anymore in the corporate, you hated it. I remember getting late on our anniversary and I had no word to say sorry. I now teach students, little kids at home. I try to make them a better human being, not an engineer or a doctor. Wish, I had one of my own. At 43, I have started to feel lonely, and yes, old a bit.
Before I forget, The rose plant you planted, 3 big red roses are at full youth on it. I kissed them secretly last evening, imagining I am kissing you. Hope none saw me doing that, else they would have called me one insane old maniac hah
I know,like my all other letters, you will not answer. So I will keep it in the diary. Anyway, which postman can deliver a letter to the other world! I hope you are happy there. I hope I come there soon and meet you again.

still now, only yours

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