Friday, 13 April 2012

Why I believe in God?

Even at the mere suggestion of it, I jumped awkwardly and ran away almost invariably always,taking His name. ¨Oh, my God, no, not me¨ is how I expressed my inefficiency generally. For how can I write on something on which I am no authority. But, friends can be persuasive to the extent of emotional blackmailers and even worse a nagging pain in the neck. I finally decided to write this piece to alleviate the pain I am having in the neck for last few days.

Why I believe in God? The easiest way to answer this everlasting enquiry is to follow the principle ¨ offence is the best defence¨ and ask, why shouldn't I believe in God. To avoid the ohh-I-knew-you-wouldnt-answer-directly smile from my opposition, I am,albeit somewhat reluctantly, dropping this idea.
I chose to be a theist, after knowing and seeing and judging every piece of proof forwarded by both sides myself. Does that make me less logical? No. Believing in something which you cant understand doesn't prove you illogical. For example, I never can understand the mathematical proof of famous formula by Einstein, E=mc2. Should I deny to believe in it? I may do so, at the risk of getting ridiculed by this very scientific clan which often calls me illogical for believe in God without any empirical proof of His existence. I dare say, many of Stephen Hawking´s theories, esp about the 5th, 6th dimensions are not empirically proven. Why then the same minds bow to Hawking and shouts encore encore (in French).?
This universe, which is very orderly, yes I staunchly support what I just said and extremely orderly if I am pressed further, can not be the be outcome of some haphazard cosmic formations. I mean to say, every plan needs a planner, no plan is unplanned. How can this so very minutely planned system, be it ecology or spatial alignment of cosmic bodies or the arrangement of atomic particles, come into existence without having a definite planner? What you call that planner? I call Him, God.
Another point, which I learnt not from anybody but thought about, is the first life. OK fine, the big bang happened, some illegible permutations and combinations took place and this earth came into existence. How life came on it? Science does answer so vaguely that it is not even worthy of the time and effort spent on it to learn it. Lets analyze this a bit ´scientifically´.

There is no life on earth. Mathematically, it would be denoted as, Life = 0. (We may also use the set theory but I will certainly not dwell there to keep this simple)
Now, Some time after, there is life, mathematically again, Life = 1.
Now, how can we make 1 from zero by using zero only. The answer is simple, by multiplying it with infinity. And lo, there you have God. Didn't in every religion God said, I am infinite? And for the transition from ¨no life¨ to ¨life¨ i.e. from zero to one, we needed the touch of infinity, the divine touch.

(Mathematics experts may say, why not, 0+1 = 1. The answer is again simple, where from this 1 came, my learned logical friend that you are adding it to zero? Arent you forgetting, on earth life = 0.)

I was about to write my next point when Pasha, who was idly dragging cigarette with eyes fixated on what I am typing, said, you know what my friend? God isn't a theorem but a hypothesis. You cant prove him like a theorem, but believe Him like you believe in a hypothesis and you can prove everything else.

My pen dropped....

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