Friday, 20 April 2012

When You Miss Me

Like every other winter, this winter came. The migratory birds started flocking in. They always take rest for a few days here, in this city before going further east. It suits their need to weather. Never do they mingle with local birds, they look upon them as someone who has been city-pent for all their life. The migratory birds are better, they have seen life, they have seen the world, they know how it looks when snow fills up the world. They pass colourful cities.mountains, rivers. They fly over the ocean, they know so many cultures. Some of them can speak so many languages. Compare it to the life of the local birds of this city, dreary,same old routine. Wake up, eat, chirp and go to bed exactly where their ancestors slept.
This bird came too, with the other migratory birds. They have landed here tonight. Tired from the long distance they flew, they probably will see around the city, to see if anything has changed from last year. Nothing changes actually. It is always the same, be it any city. But this is his first trip. He was drinking the beauty of unseen world with open wide eyes. Can world be this much beautiful? All summer he has herd from his mother and now he was watching. He was singing the hymn in praise of the almighty which his mother taught him when he was a kid.
Tired, he found a place a bit away from the parents, after all he is grown up now. Watching the star filled sky and remembering the journey which was nothing less than a colourful vivid dream, he soon fell asleep.

Next day, he woke up early. All city must be seen, ohh nothing must be missed. He saw the parliament, strange round top it has. He saw the market and so many spices people are buying. The aroma was best he ever inhaled. He saw the big ground where lovers sit and talk endlessly. It was rather late when he wanted to take a bath in the nearby river.

He went there, choosing a good spot away from the crowd. The local birds were all bathing that time. He cant understand even a word they are chirping. He searched and searched for a somewhat lonely place. But alas, these local birds have made it their national bathing time perhaps. Giving up he started bathing near them, ignoring the envious and curious gaze he was receiving from them.
Suddenly he heard a song. This was perhaps the best voice he ever heard. He stopped bathing midway and tried to find the singer. Soon he spotted her. It was a local bird, not as gorgeous as his own clan, sitting on the branch of a riverside tree and her bath was done. She was jerking herself dry and singing. He forgot bathing. Not only the local bird was the best singer he ever heard but also there is a charm of simplicity around her. She wasn't pretty but so cute. She wasn't much colourful but in her simple look there was an appeal which his young love filled heart couldn't deny.

Strange things happen. The migratory,whose clan didn't consider the local birds worthy of greeting even, fell in love with a local bird who was nothing. He flew to her. She was amazed, she was surprised, she was shocked. She also has never seen someone so handsome nor someone has ever praised her beauty so much, leave apart her singing. For she was just one of them, an ordinary bird, destined to live within the city boundary forever. How can this happen? But before they realize they were in love.

They stayed there for long time. They talked little and watched each other more. And when her parents came looking for her,they were surprised to see her with a migratory. Rather awkwardly, they took her away. She promised to meet him early morning of the next day at the same place.

That night none of them could sleep.

They came like they promised next day. She was so shy but love removed every barrier. She taught him her language and she had to sing again and again for he was almost begging her to sing nonstop. She took him to places known only to local birds, she explained local culture. She even introduced him to her friends none of them could say a word out of sheer hesitance and surprise. Everywhere they went, amazed eyes of the local birds greeted them. But when did lovers cared? They lived a dream day of heaven.

The evening came, next day the immigrants were to leave. They stood facing each other, on the same branch they met for the first time. There, he first took her hand and kissed it. She shivered but how will .she hide the tears! He wiped the tears,¨call me whenever you miss me¨ he said, ¨ for how can I be away if you call me, I shall come¨. The day was like dream of heaven and the night was turning out to be a nightmare of hell. ¨I shall wait for you¨ the local bird said. ¨See,only few days and soon I will be returning from there and we will meet again.¨ the migratory bird said.
She left before her parents come looking for her, he accompanied her to her nest and waved good-bye.

Early next morning he left.

The local bird realized one thing when he left. They haven't asked each other´s names. How idiotic, she giggled at first, I shall ask it when he comes during return journey. He is idiotic too, he doesn't know the name of the girl he loves.

Days passed. He flew to further east, and then they spent all three months there. He cried alone when he learnt that the flock comes through one route and returns via another.

He went back to where they belong and waited for her call. For if she calls, he would fly even a thousand miles alone , just to be with her. The call never came.

The local birds wanted to call him but she didn't know his name. She lost her charm, she sang not ever again. Alone and sad she counted days,weeks and months for his return. Finally, when she couldn't take it any more, she started going to the same branch where they met first and sing the same song she was singing when he came to her. She thought ¨when you miss me¨ is his name because he has said, call me ¨ when you miss me¨ . So, with all her heart, she used to sang, ¨when you miss me¨. The voice was so sad that the tree cried, the bank cried, the river cried. ¨When you miss me, when you miss me, when you miss me¨ she called out.

She still sings, wake up during early morning, and listen carefully, somewhere near your house, she is still waiting and singing, ¨When you miss me, when you miss me, when you miss me, ¨

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Sama said...

Tragic but enjoyable.
Another great work :)