Tuesday, 20 March 2012

About You

Have I ever tried to describe you? No I havent. For how can mere earthly words, put however glibly, describe something divine? You are no earthly common mortal human being like I. When the most virtuous angel was embodied in the prettiest flower from the garden of paradise, you came into existence. Not that I have tried not, to praise you but whenever I tried, sigh, you took yourself miles and miles above the reach of any earthly word. My meek efforts ended in failure always. The words are angry at me, I am angry at them, for they think I am making fun of them and I think they are making fun of me. I beg your forgiveness. I can not write about you. Just allow me to watch you because I drink life force with my eyes watching you, because I still can not believe such a beauty can actually exist, because i am crazy for you, because you rule my heart.
I tried my best words to tell you what you are and now that I have failed again, let me tell you something I manage, I LOVE YOU.

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