Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Urges Untamed

Times are there when we feel this urge, or these urges. First of these urges are completely illegible. Our minds, however sharp and analytical it might be, fails pathetically in deciphering those urges. We just feel the need of something without any understanding, or even a hunch for the sake of it, what the need is. We fiddle with ideas, or with things in more desperate cases, considering extremes, toying with impossibilities. Clueless we remain on our course of action for we certainly are unaware of the need of the soul. Question arises, is it really the soul asking for it? Or, is it just a mere whim, a passing fancy? No answer satisfies us. We try to divert mind, get frustrated, vent our anger on someone or something, ranging from the ashtray to the girl friend via the pet cat, completely irrelevant with the cause of the frustration, We later do apologize but at that moment we don't care and moreover it is not the point of this blog. How do we end this span? Or better wonder how this thing, whether it is some urge unidentified or a whim or some fancy or even may be some hormonal or chemical dis-balance in our brain as some overtly scientific mind will put it, leaves us finally? Well, while some find shelter in addictions of various types, some prefer to seek refuge from the divinity and some just sleep.
I used plural all though this blog, and may face some questions on my authority to do so. But, it is one of those urges on me and I certainly do not care right at this moment but I of course shall welcome any comment of whatsoever type.

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