Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I have a dream.
you and I alone
in a room
near the sea
and power goes off
raining like end of days
and thunders striking
we have closed all windows
but one small window has broken glass
and the cold air is hitting us
the sea has gone crazy
waves are as high as our desires
only source of light and warmth is the fire burning in the fireplace
you and I, standing in the middle of that dimly lit room
I hold u
and pull you close softly
can you not come?
the minimum distance between us is removed
our bodies touch
I hold your face in my palms
the best beauty in the world
my world is in my hand
I bend little to kiss you
your soft lips
my lips touch them
you don't protest
I kiss you
my lips say I love you
you respond to the kiss
as if your lips saying I love u too
my one arm goes around your waist
to pull you closer
giving me courage and giving me hope, you don't protest
our bodies pasted against each other now
outside, sea is roaring, it is deafening us
the thunders are announcing the beginning of a new love story
inside, you and me, locked in kiss
and none else exists in the world for us
we exist for each other only
nothing is true except you and I
we kiss passionately
our arms hugging each other tightly
as if promising, only death can open this embrace
...................................... Dont wake me up, ohh don't wake me up.

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