Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Heading Nowhere

Not everyday and certainly not everyone receives a request from the follower to blog, especially, if he/she is someone as petty as I with writings as banal as mine. I accept I let my emotions scribble themselves in italki lately but receiving a request to write something was the least expected thing.
Writing doesnt come naturally to me or may be it does. I am not sure because I simply dont know what or who is a natural writer and what is natural writing. I just know how to let emotions vent themselves in an incoherent way. Well, thats what is being called my writings nowadays by some followers.
I tried hard, for example today, to write on demand. After thinking and pondering(well, brainstorming isnt a word I am comfortable using) about my possible subjects,( possible here doesnt mean the subjects I can write on, possible here means those subjects I can write on and still dont get laughed at) I reached a perfect void. In other words, my brain and my mind bluntly denied me any distant dream of writing and obliging my followers.
Then came the idea of translation, how about translating some of my old writings into English. Not that the idea was completely drab or ridiculous but well then, you have to consider my level of English as well, which often receives sympathy if not empathy. More often than not, I am stuck completely and grope for words, then give up, shrug and say, you know...well..I mean.... Thanks to the stars, most of the time destiny and the ill destined person who is trying to converse with me saves me the blushes by pretending that the listener has understood.
Why not become a plagiarist, some may ask! Only way to be original is to know how to hide your sources well, they argue. I, rather surprisingly, agree. But to become a plagiarist, you need to have some sources. hiding which you may sound original. This is the time when I regret most for using classes to sleep or watch pretty classmates of opposite sex, or even considering study as best sedative and books the best pillows.
All options gone, I am still clueless and completely lost. This is just an explanation to those followers why I cant oblige them today. Call it a bad day at work guys! You know and I know how great a writer I am but today just not in mood.
I thank all my followers and the occasional italki surfer who will read this mindless jugglery of words. Stay tuned..more garbage to follow in subsequent attempts.
Stay safe, have fun, be blessed you all.

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