Tuesday, 20 March 2012


When we walked
We had a vision
In our youthful strides
We had the energy of a stallion
We can change the world
We also will
Ranting and chanting
We moved ahead
Slowly came the crossroads
Some went right and some went left
We shall meet again
We promised each other
Then again and again
Crossroads came
And people were divided
We made promises our parting gift
And moved ahead
The vision became hazy
The destination still far
In the tired strides
I still tried to conquer
Then suddenly I turned back
To find a companion to rest
I was alone and very alone
All of them were gone.


Beenish Usmani said...

one of the best poems written by you.... superlike for the way you presented it....hats off to you for this masterpiece

lonesome.wanderer said...

Thank you for your kind appreciation.