Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Full Circle

If life is a circle, like it is claimed, then why oh why we must work so much! I mean, see, from physics we know that, work is done only if the object has moved and thus if we come a full circle, although we are sweating and panting, we have done no work. I know the flaw in this argument but lets not skin a hair especially when physics is hardly my point of discussion here. Life has a full circle, we often claim and a higher percentage of those claims are proud ones. Do we realise, technically, after all the hard work, we have achieved a perfect zero? Time to wonder and ponder, eh?
The world will go on, when Faiz is gone exactly like it goes on when Faiz is here. Yes, Faiz will be replaced like everyone else. It is natural, logical and unavoidable because Faiz was a replacement for someone else too. In our characters, there is hardly any individuality, we rarely do something which none has done before.This process of replacement, the ultimate achievement of zero makes me wonder, after what am I running! Does it worth the chase at all? I dont know but I want, I seriously want to know.

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